7 steps to maximize your strengths & reap the rewards of exceptional living


Success. It doesn’t happen by accident.

It’s engineered by those wanting to unlock their power potential. Power potential? Yes. It’s the thing that gives you edge over others, helps you maximize your strengths and reap the rewards of exceptional living. But there’s work to be done. Old habits die hard, and they kill your chances of getting it all out of your business, your relationships and your bank account. Here’s the bottom­line. We use 7 steps to identify issues, create effective solutions and help you design the life you’re meant to be living. Because when you’re energized and inspired, aligning your core beliefs with your outer reality, you thrive in everyday stress and modern­day madness. Are you ready? We specialize in personal and corporate re­shaping. Switch on the new you.

Switch on

The new you.


Meet Matheo

Money. Business. Relationships. These are my key focus areas. I’m a Chartered Accountant, with experience in large organisations, but that’s just a title. My real passion? Human development with a focus on personal, purposeful growth and switching on a new, powerful you.

Personal Reshaping

There are times in life when you are stuck. We can give you a fresh perspective, a plan to align with your purpose and switch on a new you full of vitality and energy.

Corporate Reshaping

People that embrace strategies for growth see lasting rewards. We figure out what’s working, what’s not and implement an engaging action plan for increased efficiency, productivity and accountability.

Mindful Money Course

Your actions determine your moneymaking potential. And your actions are linked to your thoughts. M indful Money is designed to learn, integrate and empower your self worth and net worth.


Money is complex. But here’s the simple truth. Your actions determine your moneymaking potential. And your actions are linked to your thoughts.

Our Mindful Money Course offers a combination of videos, lessons and exercises to integrate and empower your self worth and net worth.

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7-Step Process

First Step


The facts. They’re important and we need them to know what the deal is. Together we plan the future through practical goals and objectives.

Second Step


What’s working and what’s not. By stripping away the layers we start to uncover our focus areas.

Third Step


Terminate the toxic. Old habits are dying to be laid to rest. We get rid of obstacles that are causing you or your organization to stay in the ‘stuck position’.

Forth Step


To stay on the fast track we need to make sure we’re on the right track. Touch base on our objectives and align again.

Fifth Step


You. It’s all about YOU. We find priority areas and connect you with change habits that suit your situation and unlock your power potential.

Sixth Step


Engineering your future. We put together a plan for everyday use, step by step. Because if it’s not practical, it’s not going to happen.

Seventh Step


Are we done? No. We don’t leave you hanging. We check­-in, support you and encourage you so you can thrive in everyday stress and modern­-day madness.

You know where you want to be in 5 years. Let’s work together and get you there in 7 steps.

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