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with Matheo Galatis


Professional Life and Business Coaching.


Life doesn’t happen by accident.

It’s engineered by both conscious and unconscious motives. When you understand your unconscious motivations you are able to master how you direct your energy, your time and your resources.

There are definitive laws that govern our existence. Therefore, the more you learn about how these laws operate and affect your life, the greater your ability to define your destiny.

Are you ready to start manifesting what you want and change your life’s direction? Check out our Professional Life and Business Coaching services, offered in Europe, USA, Russia, South Africa, Asia, and now in Cyprus.

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Authentic Evolution.


Meet Matheo

I am inspired to take people beyond their horizons where complex problems are solved using unconventional thinking, and where the intricate becomes simple and the way forward is clear.


Know yourself, empower yourself and your relationships

Professional Development

Life purpose, career direction, business strategy, money planning and success

Coach Training

Become a coach and empower others - International Diploma (ICF)