The importance of organising your finances

The importance of organising your finances

Most people are looking for the quick and easy step to earning more money, however they have not yet understood and applied one of the fundamental principles to growing money.

The very first step to take is to learn to manage what you have. If you can manage one, then you can manage ten. When you start to organize your finances you begin to create order. Since money is an energy that mimics its owner, if you have order in your financial life, the probability of money moving toward you will increase.

If we observe large organisations, they are places of higher order. This is why many people are attracted to go work for large organisations. People have certainty when there is order and since an organisation has a higher order than an individual, they are able to employ people and secure their salary.

Money likes certainty and order just like we do.

Here is what you can do to get your financial house in order and have a sound financial base for more money to come in.

  1. Create a money plan so that you can tell your money where to go. One reason why money leaks out is because we don’t tell it where to go. Your money will then look for ways to escape you and find higher order. When you decide where to put your money, the possibility of someone else deciding where your money goes decrease.
  2. Know where your money is going by keeping a record of all your spending. If you spend a short time planning and creating a system that works for you, all you will need to think about is to follow your system. The beauty is that it will be a system that works for you and once you have a rhythm going, it becomes a natural habit that forms part of your life.
  3. Ensure that you only spend what you have. If you don’t have more at this stage, learn to manage what you have well. And if you see it is still not enough then there is probably an interfering mindset pattern that is keeping you stuck. Seek support to empower your money mindset.
  4. Keep a record of all your valuable belongings and their values. Know what you are worth. When you have an itemised list your belongings you will always know what you have and you will create additional order.
  5. Keep a record of your borrowings and obligations. Those times that we get into a tight spot with our debtors are due to bad planning. Know what you owe and have a schedule to pay your debts ontime to avoid penalties.
  6. Write down future expenses that you may have. This is something we usually forget about and when it comes time to renew a subscription or make an annual payment for something that we didn’t plan for we stress ourselves looking for the money.

As you can see, there is a common thread here. Plan and organize your financial affairs. Not only will you benefit from the stable state of mind, but you will also increase the probability of attracting nice surprises into your life.

If you have any great methods of managing your money and keeping order, please let us know. We are always up for receiving fresh ideas!

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