About Matheo

I am a strategic consultant and mentalist specialising in solving problems through an unorthodox approach. I work with complexities that require an understanding of how the mind works, how to calibrate and manage emotions and how to practically deal with everyday challenges without causing excessive unnecessary stress.

My clients are leaders and influencers that desire to have the very best of life both internally and externally, seek to leave a sustained legacy beyond their lifetime, have a desire to contribute toward the evolution of humanity through their business and humanitarian efforts and seek to find real solutions with lasting results.

My clients generally fit into one of four categories:

  1. You have complex business or personal challenges that you are not sure how to solve.
  2. You have accomplished a lot and looking for the next phase
  3. You desire a greater sense of meaning and purpose for your life or business.
  4. You have increasing demands and are looking at ways to restructure how you allocate your time and resources.

Formally trained as a Chartered Accountant with experience in large organisations and small business, I had a keen interest on human development as I discovered that this was a key to most challenges we have.

I trained as a Professional Coach and I later became a senior transformational trainer and manager of The Consciousness Coaching® Academy in addition to being the Financial Director of my coaching and training company in South Africa.

I have personally trained over 200 consciousness coaching students, have individually mentored over 40 coaches and have also trained and examined high performance transformational trainers internationally.

Having gathered the most powerful and authentic approaches to human development and personal transformation I have developed processes to support my clients to gain clarity and certainty for their life and business.

I have studied and have been influenced by many disciplines including: Professional Coaching, Psychotherapy Coaching, Training Facilitation, Mind Power Training, Process work, Shadow work, Trauma release, Family Constellation Therapy, Energy healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Psych-k, Numerology, Nutritional coaching and the Demartini Method.

I believe in loyalty & trust

I've got your back.

I believe in authenticity

Life rewards authenticity

I value balance

My world view

I keep it simple, yet powerful

Unlocking deep insights I transform complexity into workable, practical solutions.