About Matheo

Formally trained as a Chartered Accountant with experience in mining, banking, retail and distribution, Matheo spent an immense amount of time learning and studying various disciplines of healing and human potential. He has immersed himself in diverse personal development programmes some of which he now facilitates.

In 2010, Matheo qualified as a Professional Consciousness Coach in South Africa (ICF PCC credential) and later became a senior trainer and global manager of The Consciousness Coaching® Academy in addition to being the financial director of Beyond Coaching (PTY) LTD, a South African based coaching and training company.

He has personally trained over 200 consciousness coaches, has mentored over 40 coaches and has also trained and examined high performance transformational trainers and teams internationally. He has lead group transformational training programmes for over 3000 participants in public courses, organisational trainings and retreats since 2012. Matheo is also a coach examiner and coach supervisor.

He has worked with clients from 27 different countries, ranging from successful CEO’s, political and public personalities, executives, coaches, trainers, therapists and entrepreneurs.

Organisations include: Oracle, Strate.co.za, Mars Africa, Nedbank, Transnet, Nashua, Loreal.

Matheo has studied or has been influenced by many disciplines including: Professional Coaching, Family Constellation Therapy, Psychotherapy Coaching, Training Facilitation, Mind Power Training, Subconscious reprogramming, Belief change, Process work, Shadow work, Trauma release, Energy healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Psych-k, Numerology, Nutritional coaching and the Demartini Method.

Matheo is known to very quickly get to the heart of a matter and bring transformation. He values loyalty and thrives on building long term sustainable relationships with his clients. Matheo does not compromise on getting to the truth with care and compassion. When the truth is revealed, real communication and transformation can occur.

Matheo is currently writing two books, one on transforming feelings of worthlessness and another on understanding the foundations of how we think, feel and act as a guide to knowing yourself.

His current focus is to support individuals to know themselves and connect to their inner guidance system. He works with organisations to become more fluid internally, align their teams and resolve conflict. He works with leaders to cultivate and embrace their true and authentic leadership potential.

Matheo is on a quest to support the transformation of outdated paradigms and belief systems in individuals, organisations and in society.

I believe in loyalty & trust

I've got your back.

I believe in authenticity

Life rewards authenticity

I value balance

My world view

I keep it simple, yet powerful

Unlocking deep insights I transform complexity into workable, practical solutions.