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It’s time to align your self worth with your net worth. That’s the bottom line, which will increase your bottom line.

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The Course

Money is complex. But here’s the simple truth. Your actions determine your moneymaking potential. And your actions are linked to your thoughts. So think about this. There are ways to manifest healthy habits for making money and prospering.

You are not separated from your goals by numbers of years, you are separated by numbers of actions.

We can help you act and rake in the riches in 2 ways:

  • Identify your feelings about money.
  • Assess how you outwardly manifest those feelings in your everyday life.


Let’s align your self worth and your net worth. Everyone wants MORE money, but they fail to manage what they already have, are confused when they don’t have enough and often spend unconsciously.

Mindful Money is designed to serve various learning styles. We have a combination of audios, videos, brainstorming, writing and practice sessions so that you can learn, integrate and empower your self worth and net worth.

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Your mind affects your money.

Effects of

Mindful Money

Increase your self worth and ‘money worth’

Identify and enhance your personal net worth

Create a balanced and efficient financial plan

Understand your spending habits

Understand what limits you when it comes to earning more money

Create financial stability

Reveal and remove past conditioning that limits your success