A matter of focus – empowering your mind

A matter of focus – empowering your mind

Your mind is divided into two parts, the conscious part and the unconscious part. One you are aware of and one that you are generally unaware of.

I am going to introduce you to a brief exercise that can support you to increase your focus. You can use it any time and develop that habit of having a focused mind.

First I want to share a little bit more about the conscious mind as that will be the focus of this article. Right now you are paying attention to this article by using the conscious part of your mind. This means you are aware of your environment and yourself. Of course at the same time, your subconscious mind is taking in a lot of information including this article.

The processing ability of the conscious part of your mind is quite limited and it is designed that way for a reason. There have been attempts to measure the processing power of the conscious and subconscious mind, however there is not accurate information because neural networks operate very differently to computer networks used to measure the speed. What we do know is that the processing power of your conscious mind is quite limited because it is designed for a specific purpose.

Imagine that you had an awareness of everything that was going on in the world right now. It would be quite a lot to handle and you might go crazy trying to be aware of so many things at once. This part of the mind is specifically designed to be limited so that you can achieve laser focus and accomplish your tasks most efficiently.

Therefore, focus and attention is the primary purpose of your conscious mind.

When focused accurately and on the right things, this part of the mind is very powerful and can support you to maximise your goals and achievements. The purpose of your conscious mind is for you deal with your daily functions, have attention and set intentions. You govern and direct your actions with your intention.

You make optimal use of this part of your mind when you are focusing on one thing. The conscious part of the mind allows our greater awareness to be tuned to a specific point in time so that you can focus on what is required in the moment.

In order to optimise your mind so that it is enabled to maximize its ability of focus and attention you can do this simple exercise:

  • Step 1: Select an object nearby you and look at one point on the object


  • Step 2: Keep looking at the point on the object for 2 minutes without being distracted by thoughts or memories or being mesmerised by the object.


  • Step 3: Stop and find an object in the distance that you can focus on


  • Step 4: Keeping looking at that object in the distance for 2 minutes without any distraction.


  • Step 5: Stop and find an object nearby.


  • Step 6: For 2 minutes describe this object in as many ways as possible without actually naming the object.

Then, close your eyes and put your palms over your eyes for 1 minute.

You should feel more focused, present and ready to work.


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