A powerful practice to get back to your natural state

A powerful practice to get back to your natural state

Today I would like to share a mental exercise with you.

I have found it helpful for supporting me to be more
present and focused and enabling me to practice meditation
even when I have very little time.

I don’t see meditation as a thing to do or a state to achieve.

I believe meditation or a meditative state is our natural state.
In order to get back to our natural state, we require to practice BEING there.

Why would a flower need to practice how to be a flower?

Well, the flower spent too much time practicing being
a nice idea instead of just being a flower.

In other words, we as human beings have spent too much time
being in our heads, wondering who loves us, how to be liked,
how to get attention, what to do to achieve or succeed,
how to survive etc.

We have spent too much time not being who we truly are
and out of practice in BEING who we truly are.

We are not in our natural state because we have disconnected
from our natural state.

One of my mentors shared with me how she started her path toward
a more enlightened and present state of being:

As she was going about her daily ‘mindless’ tasks
she brought mindfulness into them.

She allowed herself to be fully present to the task
that she was doing at that moment.

Washing dishes – be fully present to washing dishes.
Sweeping the floors – be fully present to sweeping the floors.
Washing your body – be fully present to washing your body.
Driving – be fully present and aware while you drive.

When your mind wanders into thoughts,
Bring it back to focus on the task that you are doing.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to practice
being present that supports to bring you back to your natural state.

I didn’t find this to be easy.
I have trained myself to be distracted by thoughts and the
activity in my mind.
You may have done the same.

It needs work, it needs PRACTICE!

When you practice bringing yourself in your natural state
you will more and more find yourself BEING in your natural state.


In March, I will be hosting a retreat that will serve
to support you to come back to your Natural state.

Join me and a group of wonderful connected human beings
on 13, 14 and 15 March for a transformational retreat
where we will explore what is in the way from getting you in
touch with your natural state of BEING.

Some meditation, Some body-awareness, some inquiries
to dive deeper into who your Life Source and connect with
who you truly are.

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