Before setting any goals – consider these 3 things

Before setting any goals – consider these 3 things

Most times when we are setting goals or creating our new year resolutions we miss out on the foundation before the planning. Here are 3 things you can do before you set your goals and objectives for the year so that you can ensure success for your year ahead:

  1. Close the book of the previous yearMake sure that you do not carry the residue of things that have not been completed in the previous year. Check if you have any guilt around things unfinished and find ways to finish them by setting a new target or agreeing to let it go.
  2. Plan for what is most important for youWe do not normally consider our highest priorities when we are planning because we are normally reacting to what is outside. Identify what is truly and authentically important for you before you create your plan and then plan around those priorities.
  3. Follow your inspirationsWhen you plan for those things that truly inspire you, the chances of having a fulfilled year increases. Sit for moment and reflect on what inspires you and what will make you be filled with awe about your life.

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Comment below on the best practices that you use to plan a fulfilling and successful year.

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