Being True to Yourself

Being True to Yourself

In the previous post, I shared about the various feedback systems
you are gifted with to operate your life and support yourself
to move in a direction that is true for you.

You might ask the question:
How do I keep true to myself when there are
expectations from family friends and society,
different roles I need to fill
and previous habits and behaviours that have defined me?

I worked with a young professional earlier this week who has
difficulty making decisions for her life.

She would love to have a partner but doesn’t seem to find the right person.
She would love to be in a more senior executive role but keeps accepting a management role.
She would love to be more independent but keeps finding herself pulled back to her parents.

How do you let go of all the ‘should’ and ‘have to’ and
move forward with ‘I love to!’

The feedback systems in her were as follows:

Physically low energy.

Emotionally feeling stressed, frustrated
with underlying unexpressed resentment.

Mentally: Boredom, self-deprecating thoughts,
the judgement of self and others.

Socially: Felt like she could not meet new friends.

Work: Working for a stronger more confident woman
and she kept doing the work of others and filling her day with tasks that were not hers.


I look for patterns in a person’s life.
“Your life speaks to you”

What we discovered is that she did not set correct, healthy
boundaries from a young age and DID NOT allow herself to be stubborn!

She gave away her decision-making power by constantly allowing
other people to ‘Have it their way’.

This behaviour caused her to deny her own leadership ability
(she gave her leadership power away by letting people have it
their way)

She closed up from a relationship because without setting clear
boundaries she could not offer the vulnerability that
a healthy relationship requires.

She kept going back to her family where it was safe and she
experienced a sense of control.

Makes you think:
One core belief and it affects almost all areas of life.

The solution we created together is to stop delegating her decisiveness away
and begin to set healthy clear boundaries in the little things.

She was very surprised that the solution is a little counterintuitive
for her caring nature and very happy to know that this is a way out of being stuck and her living more into her potential.


I wish that this short case study gives you some insight into your life
and that sometimes the answer is counterintuitive.


In addition to my individual coaching,
I facilitated a unique process to support you to connect with your truth and your inner guidance system.
It is powerful and effective and supports to fast track your personal development goals and letting go of beliefs that do not serve your life any longer.



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