Conformity vs Freedom

Conformity vs Freedom

To train an elephant a trainer chained the elephants foot
to a solid cement slab.
The elephant began to believe that when
the chain was on he couldn’t go anywhere.

After some time, when the elephant was trained,
the trainers did not require the cement slab anymore
and just connected a loose chain to the elephant.

The elephant continued to obey even though
the chain was not tied to anything.

Similarly, at a very young age we learn to conform.

We conform to our parents, to family
to society and to the world.

Conformity might have its benefits in training
and creating discipline but it has created
the unfortunate cost of creating limitation in our minds
and cutting off our natural LIGHT
and ability to shine our greatest potential.

Conformity becomes a prison of the mind in which you live.
Unless you break out of this prison
you will be run by your false beliefs
and limitations for the rest of your life.

Just like the elephant!

Challenge how you think and how you act.
Also challenge who you are and who you can be!

There is more to you than who you think you are…


With love and freedom,


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