Creating healthy habits

Creating healthy habits

One of the things I most battle with is changing old, outdated repeating habits that don’t serve me any more. In getting to understand how the brain and body work in a little more detail I got to realise why it’s a challenge for many of us.

Many years ago I learnt about the Kaizen principle which essentially means constant and everlasting change.

The principle follows an approach of making small improvements to the areas of your life you want improvement in and to develop the habit of that change for 21 days. Then make the next change.

You master small change and then move on to another and eventually you get to become the person you desire yourself to be.

Small steps are easy to make and over the context of your entire life you develop momentum of consistent improvement and growth eventuating in lasting and powerful results.

The challenge of changing habits has to do with how we are wired and how our brain works.

When you were a baby you started to learn in small incremental steps and so you developed and evolved into the person who you are today. Many of the habits you developed as a child are still maintained in you today.

Some you don’t need any longer and you have let go, others you are keeping for no reason and require to unlearn and yet others you still need like the habit that ensures you breathe correctly and walk straight when you decide to do so.

Some habits were relevant and needed for survival in the past so it was stored as an important program in your system. You wont let it go for any reason simply because your brain deems it necessary for survival.

This is your first problem when it comes to making a change in habits and behaviour. They represent a memory of importance and necessity;

you simply won’t feel safe and secure without it.

Another reason is that you have very likely identified with that habit or behaviour with a strong sense of who you are.

Without that habit, you are not you.

But that is not quite the truth because you are more than your habits and behaviours. You have the power to choose and with that power to train and re-train your behaviours to those that are relevant for you.

The good news is that you are not trapped by your old outdated habits and behaviours.

You have the power to change them.

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