Dealing with uncomfortable emotions

Dealing with uncomfortable emotions

How do you deal with emotions, emotional charges and uncomfortable emotions?


Most people either ignore them, suppress them, try to get rid of them or defend against them.

This does not empower you and does a lot of harm in the long run that you may not be aware of.

In working with a number of clients on this exact issue the last days,

I wanted to shed some light on it to help you to deal with emotional reactions a little easier…


Emotions that are unexpressed and that have been buried over time need to find outlets. Just like a pressure cooker that needs to release its steam, emotions look for an outlet when they exceed your individual tolerance level. This is when outbursts of uncontrollable emotional responses happen.

One of the first steps I suggest my clients to do is to not judge the emotion or make them wrong.

They need to be there.

It is critical to let go of any resistance to any form of emotional charge that comes and allow it to be there.

Give it a right to be.

Let it be and feel it.

It is there for a reason.

By cutting it off, not feeling, not allowing we don’t give the emotion the freedom to complete its cycle and it remains stuck in an incomplete loop and repeats itself in weekly, monthly or annual cycles that can get quite intense over time.

The modern society that we have created has not educated us on the proper functioning of the emotional body and has cast shame and blame against the expression of emotions.


I would like to change that and set you free from the damage your unexpressed emotions can cause in your life.


This is not the only step but a first step to understanding emotions.

There is much more to it.


One of the ways emotions find an outlet is through the unconscious creation of relationship challenges. The thing that we don’t recognise is that the emotional charge already exists inside you and then the challenge occurs in order to bring it out and help you to decompress.

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