Declaring War on Poverty

Declaring War on Poverty

I have decided, I’ve had enough of people complaining and being victim to the abuse of others and I am declaring war on poverty! And not only poverty – but the diminishing value of our everyday lifestyles.

Before I show you a video about what we are doing wrong, let me explain:

Many years ago I read a quote:

“Our success as a nation depends upon the personal financial success of each of us as individuals” 

That made so much sense on many levels because we all make up the balance of what is our nation.

A few days ago I came across the Knight Frank wealth report where they talk about inclusive capitalism and quoting an interview:

“It doesn’t matter if you’re in the top 1% or 0.001%. If the society around you is crumbling, you’re in a bad place”.

Once again, this made sense.

But, there is a problem with how we normally deal with the issue of inequality or unequal distribution of wealth. Most people complain about the wealthy saying it’s there fault.

The average person, turns to blaming, trying to find shortcuts and finding a way out of the system. This approach has not worked and will not work.


…accepts that this is the way things are and resigns all willingness to do anything about it and continues with the daily grind having lost a piece of their soul in the process.

As a side note: there are some very wealthy and influential individuals that just don’t give a crap about the rest! There are also many wealthy people that do care and want to bring resolution to this.

What can work…

You, my friend, have a responsibility to empower yourself mentally, emotionally and financially!

Why is this important for you? 

Because, you have the power to make changes in your own life.

Unfortunately the poorer class or people without the awareness that you have simply do not have the power and we need to acknowledge that – there are always exceptions! But for us to raise everybody up, we need to begin with raising ourselves to a whole new level and access higher levels of our own potential so that we can generate personal wealth and raise society at the same time.

If you are sitting waiting for someone else to raise you up or give you a break in life – it just won’t work!

It is much more rewarding to face the challenges you are avoiding and become the person worthy of greater wealth and success.

In that position, you are exactly who you want to be – forging your own way through life.

I am also clear that money and financial wealth is not everything, but it is an important part of your life.

3 ways to leap to new mindset 

so you can earn what you truly deserve to earn


Here is where you can begin:

  • Understand what part of your life you are accepting less from yourself. What part of your life are you settling for less than what you know you are worth?

This might be your finances, relationship, personal fitness, spiritual.

Once you have the area you desire to improve, develop one small practice that you can implement immediately today. One small step. Do that everyday for the next 7 days. Then increase it by only 10% more and do that for another 7 days. Get someone to support you and keep you accountable.

One small change – no more!


  • Reward inspiration and not desperation

watch this video that explains how giving in the wrong manner can weaken our society.


Now I do want to say that there are times when we need to give even to those desperate around us, but the point of the video is to support you to look at where you can start to empower yourself and empower others in the process.


  • Learn the money habits that generate wealth for people so that you are not left to chance. 

Use this strategy to grow your personal resonance:


I recommend to my clients to use savings as a strategy to grow your resonance. It is not the only strategy but it works!

Our normal approach is not going to work and sitting around waiting for someone to rescue us is a waste of time.

There is a reason why I wrote this for you.

First so you can snap out of any mediocre mindset and to ignite your potential power for your next level. No matter where your starting point is!

Second: if, just like me, you have had enough of being in the same financial situation or watching others suffer and this makes sense for you…

Here is something you will REALLY like!

I have created an advanced training and I would like you to have it for Free!

You can get all the details on this page,

but for a quick overview here is what we will cover on the advance training:

  • The 3 mistakes you very likely are making with your money and more importantly your mindset and how to fix it


  • One simple strategy that is working right now to set you up for greater earnings


  • The one nasty truth about debt and borrowings, that you probably don’t know about.

I will give you a hint, debt is causing a sneaky undercover limitation on your mindset that is holding you back dramatically. I will tell you why and how this is happening.


The training will be about 75 focused minutes so you can get back to your routine.

It will be more like 3 hours of learning tightly packed into succinct chucks and nuggets.


Here is how to get the training: 

Go here to this page.

Sign up with your name and email address.

If you would like more info on what we are covering you can go here.

Once you register here, I will email you the handout and the login code for the training.

Thanks for reading this post, I look forward to ‘seeing’ you on the training.


ps: I can only accommodate 250 people on this live training event so go here now to register.

The training will be about:

  • The 3 mistakes you very likely are making with your money and more importantly your mindset and how to fix it
  • One simple strategy that is working right to set you up for greater earnings
  • The one nasty truth about debt and borrowings, that you probably don’t know about.
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