Feeling more valuable and more adequate about your life

Feeling more valuable and more adequate about your life

Some people feel worthless, inadequate,
lost, confused and depressed.

This happens to all of us during different phases of our lives.
It specifically happens during transition phases.

We often experience a change in value systems that
causes us to question who we are and how we live our life.


What we do to cope with the feeling is block it
or numb it out or try not to feel it.
That develops a layer of psychological protection to help us survive.
You might become angry, defensive, reactive or
even disconnected from others seeking different
ways to find gratification as a way to find fulfilment.

None of that works.


These mechanisms are there to temporarily support us through those situations.

The problem is that we are unaware that this becomes a pattern
of behaviour that stays with us and runs our decisions and actions.

You might react in your work or get defensive in your relationship
or even sabotage yourself financially.

You end up associating yourself with the coping mechanism
believing this is who I am.


That is not true.


You are not the coping mechanism and you are not the worthless inadequate person.

You just have not managed to transform your psychology
to the new phase in a new way of thinking.

If you are experiencing this,
just know that there is a way out to breakdown
the false perception of yourself and get back to who you truly are.

If you need some support,
get in touch with me to see how I can help you come back into your authentic power.


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