I AM WRONG – Deep reflection of my own belief systems

I AM WRONG – Deep reflection of my own belief systems


I recently discovered a deep rooted belief in me
that I would like to share with you so that you
can better understand beliefs and so you can
better understand how life works.

First, what is a belief?

A belief is a statement that we believe and know as true.
It defines how we See, Think and Act upon the world.

A belief is programmed in our psyche and filters
information from our environment to keep us safe,
to prevent threat and to ensure our survival.

Beliefs are authored by you from as early as conception
and you continue to create beliefs about yourself, your family,
society, the world and how life works.

Once programmed they are stored in the cells of your body
and continue to run when circumstances
trigger it or when you require it.

You BECOME your belief and your belief SHAPES YOUR LIFE.

Most beliefs that we carry are untrue statements that we believe as true.

The statement is only true because our daily actions
and habits consistently demonstrate that this is so.

But it doesn’t have to be so
and you don’t need to be victim to your beliefs.

You THINK that you are running your life,
but in fact YOUR BELIEFS are doing it for you…


Follow this example:

In the past I made life choices based on a belief… “I was wrong”
This belief existed from around 3 years old
and I didn’t know it was there.

I discovered that this belief informed a specific behaviour:
“The need to be right”.

When certain triggers were activated
(eg. others questioning my life choices)
I became defensive and immediately started to
defend my point of view and my choices.

I began to display behaviours in order to prove
that my point of view was the right one.

Can you see how this can be a limitation?


How did this occur?


This is where it gets interesting…

I discovered that in order to be ACCEPTED
by my family or those close to me
I need to be right in their eyes.
I need to do things that they wanted
or in the way they wanted so I am perceived
as right in their eyes so that I am accepted.

Interesting way to get attention but that is what we do!

It is a deep need for survival.

If you are not accepted by your tribe – therefore excluded –
you are at high risk of death
(as per our evolution from being in communities).

So what do I do?

in order to be accepted by others,
I DO, BE and ACT in a way that others want me to
and not how I TRULY want to DO, BE and ACT.

This causes me to act against myself and my own truth.

You can now imagine that this brings an inner rebellion.

Rebellion towards others
because I am doing something for them against my inner truth
Rebellion against myself
because I am doing something that I don’t really want to do.

This is the birth of an inner conflict that runs our life.

It is life’s paradox – damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

I found that I would take actions in my life
in order to avoid BEING WRONG.

I was in a CAGE being run by the belief I AM WRONG!
I was not free.



I was able to discover that belief through a process.
I extracted it and turned it around such that my life is not run by:

“I am wrong”,
“avoid being wrong”,
“others are always right and I go against myself in the process”.

A belief is AUTHENTIC to you.
You created it.

Just as you authored the belief
you can author its release.

To do that you need to find the reason why
and how you authored it in order to collapse it.

The moment you do you experience a transformation.
you are set free!


*If you want to understand and resolve your own deep seated beliefs,
I facilitate a powerful 3 day group coaching process with a maximum of 4 people
where you identify and transform beliefs.
This will transform your life as it did mine.

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