Intuition and Emotions

Intuition and Emotions


This past weekend I spoke at the Mind Body Spirit Festival
in Nicosia on how to move from Reaction to Creation.
(essentially getting out of a reactive state of Being
and moving towards Creating the life which brings you
most meaning and fulfilment).

I would like to highlight one valuable point from that talk
that has to do with your emotions and intuition.

If you are trying to connect to your TRUE INTUITION and
finding yourself receiving conflicting, incomplete or incongruent
guidance then it is very likely that your guidance system
has interference.

What kind of interference can our inner guidance system have?

Conflicting thought based interference
and emotional interference.

Today the focus is on Emotional interference:

Your emotions are a guidance system that you can use
for understanding what is true for your life and knowing if
you are on track with your true life purpose.

‘Feel good’ emotions are NOT the answer!
It is a false approach to guiding your life and leaves you
temporarily gratified but in the long term unfulfilled.

You might also tend to avoid ‘Feel bad’ emotions because they
are uncomfortable. This is not ideal because you miss out
on important information that these emotions offer you,
and you block them out.

Blocking out ‘feel bad’ emotions causes a suppression
of these emotions and results in blockages and emotional
imbalance in our system.
**(These can later causes manifestation of physical illness –
One person I worked with in a training once had kidney problems
that disappeared completely when we released the anger from
his system – The Doctor was astonished as to how this happened
after his check-up prior to an operation and which wasn’t needed anymore)

(Have a look at this post on managing your natural energy reservoir.)

You then try to avoid these feel bad emotions and your guidance
system cannot give you accurate information.

To correct this and come back to your true inner guidance,
and therefore increase your intuition,
it is wise to begin to allow all emotions to exist in you.

You do that by slow allowing yourself to feel and ‘be with’
all uncomfortable emotions.


That is the first step on the path to becoming whole,
increasing your self-confidence and knowing yourself.

You may not be aware but there is a process to 
self-knowing and self-actualization.

The 3 steps are outlined in this post.

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