Know yourself

Know yourself

As I am travelling through different parts of Europe
supporting people to become more Authentically themselves
there are some key concepts that I am discovering.


~Know yourself intimately~

It is wise to take the time to know and understand yourself.
Know what works, what doesn’t work.
Know who you are and who you are not.
Know your likes and dislikes.
Know your skills, your capabilities,
your natural talents and your weaknesses.

Know what you are great at and what you are not good at.

As a first step, spend some time in self-reflection,
go deep inside yourself and ask these key questions.


A key foundation to knowing yourself
is to understand the hidden order of life itself.

Self-knowing without understanding the hidden context
in which we live leaves us vulnerable
to missing the interconnectedness of all things.


Without one, the many cannot exist.
Without many, the one cannot exist.


I would like to thank you for our interconnectedness my friend.
We create meaning together.

Have a gorgeous week being the beautiful YOU that you ARE!

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