Lost inspiration

Lost inspiration

Sometimes in your life you might feel like you have lost inspiration or lost yourself inside the busyness of life. You might get involved in numbing activities so that you don’t feel the internal emptiness that is generated as a result of your lack of inspiration and direction.

The cause of this could be chemical, emotional, physical or mental. 

What I have found is that most of the time the cause is a LACK OF FULFILMENT! 

And it is easy to fix!

Well, it takes some work but it is not as difficult as the experience is at the moment.

Here is what I suggest.

  • Most people will lean towards antidepressants or something to numb the senses. I wouldn’t recommend any of that as, losing touch with your senses may cause you to lose touch with reality. (I am not a healthcare practitioner and you shouldn’t take my advise when it comes to medication, I have just seen people come through dire situations without medication – not to say your situation is dire)


  • Your life has set you up for your next goal. What is needed is to begin to recognise what that is. It sounds like writing the book is one thing, however your minds distractions indicate that you are missing critical information or experience that is going to create the book you truly desire to put out there.


  • The habits and behaviours of the past got you to where you are, and will not necessarily take you to where you are going. You need to find and create the habits that are going to take you to where you want to go.


  • Which brings us to the most important question – where do you want to go? The reason you may be experiencing a dip and low satisfaction is due to a disconnection to what I call your code of purpose. Your mind is SET in a way that you think is correct but internally your CORE is screaming for something else. What is that something else? Look at your conversations of should to, have to, need to… those reduce the connection to your core. Hunt down conversations of Love to, desire to, inspired to… these connect you to your core.


  • What inspires you? There have been moments in your life where you have had a tear of inspiration in your eye, warm chills down your spine, warmth in face and heart, time stood still. These moments throughout your life have been indicators to a desire of fulfilling a higher purpose in your life. These indicators occur when you are listening to a piece of music, hear certain words or having a specific experience. Reflect back in your life and identify those moments and start to recognise what pattern of message they display for your life. Do that, it will shift you into an inspired and motivated state immediately.


  • Lastly, what guilt or shame are you carrying? This is critical to examine as this gets in our way when we don’t have clarity and we won’t get to clarity unless it is uncovered. It’s like a cloud over your head. We normally feel guilty for the wrong reasons and our perceptions get the better of us. What also happens is if you get something at the cost of someone else, we may carry a sense of guilt that makes us lose what we have as a result.

I hope that helps to start off some enquiries for you. I usually take a person through an entire process to get to resolution so I have tried to give you the best summary I can to get you going. There is much more to consider than to just say to someone “snap out of it”.

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