Managing your energy and unleashing your natural energy reservoir

Managing your energy and unleashing your natural energy reservoir


One of the biggest struggles I have had in my life
was to work with and manage my own energy.

Maybe you experience the same?

Energy is not only a factor of what we can see.
there are many elements to your energy.

Today I want to give you one powerful tip to
release energy from your natural reservoir…


Energy is influenced by factors such as:

The food we eat, quality of sleep, level of nutrition,
the air we breath, the water we drink,
toxicity in the body – chemical or metal,
emotional toxicity, mental toxicity,
suppressed emotions and feelings,
daily stress, electromagnetic stress from our devices,
energy drains of others, energy surrogacy towards others,
the environment we live in…

The list continues…

The better you get to building the natural connection to
your SELF, the less certain energy drains affect you.


One thing you can do NOW to transform your energy
is to begin to recognise SADNESS.

One cause of sadness is suppressing Anger.
not allowing ourselves to be angry or express anger.

When you suppress anger,
you move into an energy state of ‘sadness’
This means that your ability to produce
energy is suppressed.

What you can do if you recognise you are lacking energy
dragging yourself, or feeling lethargic for no reason,
is simply ask yourself a question:

What anger am I suppressing?
What am I angry about?

What anger am I  not expressing?
What could I be angry about?

You simply go ahead and list things you are angry about
while allowing yourself to be and feel angry.

With that energy you can go about using it for
constructive purposes.


In the Self awareness process,
I teach people how to access
your inner reservoir of energy and having it available
any time, any place
so you can get things done in your life,
and have the energy to live your life fully!

Without making anger wrong, without being afraid of it,
without reacting or behaving out of control.
I will teach you how to have control over your anger and ENERGY
just like a Martial Arts Master uses and controls theirs.


You will effectively liberate energy that has been
stuck in your body for years!


I look forward to see you there one day,
and supporting you through this process.

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