Presence is where creation happens. Presence is where you experience your life in its fullness. Presence is what the teachers of our times are talking about. The here and now, zero point, being in the moment. To understand presence we need to be aware of what not present means. To be not present is when we have our attention fixed on anything other than the current moment. Any past thought or experience still sitting in your consciousness and any future imagination that is an illusion in your mind keeps you from being present.

Being present I believe is a prime factor to creating success in life and not being present is a pertinent cause to our lack of success. The magnitude of your results are dependent upon the quality of your presence.

When you are present your life appears to work, money flows easier. You feel more connected with yourself and the world and you have better sex too.

What we are unaware of are the dynamics in our past experiences that keep us from being present now.

We can do our best to meditate, focus on the moment, implement practices that keep you present and various other tools and techniques, however, if aspects of our consciousness have been fragmented or stuck in time then we will remain in a loop in our current time unless we allow these fragments or stuck patterns to be completed. Our energy and attention is unconsciously used up to keep the fragmented parts and passed experiences alive in our consciousness. To the degree we have fragmented aspects of our life and our consciousness needs to apply energy to keep it then to that same degree we are not present.

A simple example is an experience of trauma, which we have all had to a greater or a lesser degree. What we tend to do during a trauma is disassociate from the event when it happens and we create coping mechanisms to allow us to survive the event. What happens then is that the mind becomes fixed to the period just before the traumatic event. Emotions are not fully felt, they get blocked off and the energy remains in your system. Since you didn’t complete the movement at the time during the experience, a loop is created in your mind that keeps the experience from being fully absorbed. Life energy is then unconsciously drawn to that part of our life in order to keep the full experience from happening. The result is that energy becomes stuck and you remain in a life loop for many years. Your life ends up doing daily, monthly or even annual loops which are very subtle and go unnoticed. You find life being repetitive and mundane.

What also may happen is your biology retains cellular memory of the event and since it has not been completed, you will keep attracting similar events so that you have an opportunity to complete the movement and free up your blocked energy.

Victims of a devastating trauma may never be the same biologically because the movement of energy is not completed and the freeze response blocks the natural release of energy. The biological response needs to remain fluid and adaptive – not stuck.

Unless these areas are fully integrated and the energy is released again, a portion of your attention will remain in the past and not fully available to you in the here and now. And for that reason you may meditate for hours and not achieve your desired state as energy is unconsciously hindered in the past.

General causes of lack of presence:

  • Past trauma
  • Incomplete commitments
  • Guilt
  • Fear
  • Emotional pain
  • Resistance
  • Incomplete conversations
  • Suppression and repression of aspects of self (the shadow)
  • Suppression of anger energy
  • Invalidating yourself
  • Family entanglements and unconscious family patterns

Some indicators of stuck energy patterns could show up as the following patterns:

  • sitting on the edge of your seat expecting something to happen
  • constant tension in the muscles
  • excessive alcohol to numb the senses
  • Lack of energy and aliveness in life
  • Inability to stay focused
  • Sleeping with the lights on

There are many techniques that support old energy to be released and energy to be brought back to the moment. Some are: Somatic mindfulness techniques, certain yoga practices, breathing techniques, conscious awareness of the experience, trauma release exercises, feeling the inner body.

What supports you to get present?

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