There are natural cycles and seasons in life

There are natural cycles and seasons in life


If you observe nature, the planet, your body and the celestial bodies
you will notice that they all operate in seasons and cycles.

Cycles can occur hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually
and onward into infinite cycles of grander proportions.

Your mood can change in a day,
Productivity can increase or decrease in a week,
Changes can occur monthly and so on.


I believe that our job is two-fold:

One: to observe the natural cycles and seasons within ourselves
and learn to allow ourselves to flow with these natural Cycles.

There are times to engage and times to retreat.
Times to rise up and times to settle down.
Times to begin and times to end.
Time to live and time to die.
Time for day and time for night.

Two: to not get trapped in old cycles or expect one season
when it’s time for another.

When we get too comfortable we are afraid of change.
When we don’t enjoy the weather of the day,
we want something else.


The better your ability to tune in to your natural cycles and seasons
the more you will develop the ability to access the natural flow
of your life, the easier you will embrace challenges and the
more fulfilled you will become.

Your natural flow is not found outside of you,
it is inside of you.

Sit silently and listen.

If there is too much mental or emotional noise in your field,
you will get confused and expect one season when it is time for another.

Whatever season you are in now,
I wish you find joy in embracing that season.

The season might be that of stress, overwhelm, mourning,
happiness, relaxation, celebration, action or contemplation.

Honour your season as if it were a sacred moment in time.





Ps: if you want to learn how to get in touch with your
natural cycles, the first step is to know yourself.
Get in touch with me so that I can support you through coaching you to create
a plan for 2020 in alignment with your cycle and your unique abilities.


The coaching process is as follows:

  1. Get crystal clear on where you are at right now in your life.
  2. Remove the effects of past cycles still inhabiting your field
  3. Remove the illusions affecting your present clarity.
  4. Understand your values and current life priorities
  5. Extract your natural talents, skills and capabilities
  6. Remove hidden beliefs that are in the way.
  7. Identify with your current core life purpose
  8. Plan your life with congruence and clarity for who you are.


If you don’t remove the false data,
the true information will be clouded and distorted and
your life will reflect that lack of clarity and certainty.

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