Simon Sinek on Millennials and leadership

Simon Sinek on Millennials and leadership

I came across this interview where Simon Sinek offers a valuable perspective on leadership and more specifically why the behaviour of millennials is the way it is. He is well researched and knows his work. I believe you will find this incredibly valuable specifically for understanding the behaviour patterns of millennials.

Enjoy the full interview here:


For time efficiency:

Key traits of humans every leader should know: 3:50 – 12:00 minutes.

Understanding Millennial behaviour: Start from 40:00 minutes.

My comments:

I have noticed in my own life that we are bombarded by social media and the internet to the degree that it acts as a hindrance to getting the best out of our lives  as opposed to using it as a supportive tool for a more efficient life.

Here are some things that you can do to support yourself to maximise your time online and use the internet and social media as a tool to maximise your life rather than as a brain draining distraction.

 1.    Start your day with your personal highest priorities. That means put your cell phone and all electronics aside and begin what what will give you greatest fulfilment and lead you towards achieving your personal goals.

2.   End your day with at least 30 minutes before bed without any electronic interaction. Read a book, meditate, talk to your partner, talk with yourself, reflect on your day, journal. Use the time to wind your mind down for rest.

3.   Dedicate specific time for social media or internet usage. Obviously if it’s required for your work, get in – do what you need to do and get out. Do not stay longer than what is needed. Your brain will lose focus and you will step off purpose.

4.   When you are on social media, have an objective. Decide before hand what it is that you want to accomplish form your time online. When you enter with a specific objective your brain will look for information that matches that.

5.   If you are looking for timeout and just to browse a site, set a time limit and stick to it.


since I like to view things from a Fresh Perspective, although what he says is great and spot on regarding millennials, I want to highlight that there may be no mistake that the speed of processing for young generations has increased. Nobody knows exactly where the world is headed in the future, but looking at current trends may give us the indication that we will need fast paced minds that can deal with the technological changes we may see in the future.

Although high engagement in video games, social media and internet sites may be beneficial for people to increase the mental ability to handle high activity in the future, it will be wise to strike a fair balance between brain numbing activity and brain enhancing activity.

Lastly, very few of us can trust our own will power as we haven’t been trained to do that. What you can do is find ways to hold yourself accountable so that you don’t get mislead into the mindless abyss of social media.


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