Some Clarity on Depression

Some Clarity on Depression

What is depression and how is it caused?

First of all, my personal STAND according to my research and working with a number of cases over the last 10 years including my own personal experience:

Depression is not a long term psychological problem as may be labelled by some Dr’s and Therapists.
I personally believe it is a natural physiological and psychological response that needs to be there sometimes to provide valuable information about how you live your life.

– It is a natural response in the body,
– it is a necessary process and not something bad.
– It can be transformed,
– there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you
– and you don’t need to depend on medicines or therapists for a lifetime.

Current research says that there are 9 causes of depression, 2 are biological, the rest are social and psychological mostly affected by the way we live, talk and interact with others.
There are real biological factors that cause some people to be more depressed than others but people do not need to be victim to these factors.

Basically, it means that the way we live our modern lives and the way we think significantly affects our level of depression.

Depression doesn’t just happen overnight. It arrives in stages.

In short:
There is an expectation not met or some devastating event.
Your reaction is a feeling of not being capable of making a change.
The feelings of sadness, anger and frustration arrive
and if not adequately dealt with the down-hill slope
into depression or a depressive state begins.

This process can begin and does begin for many people in early childhood when they are hindered from expressing themselves fully and prevented from doing things according to their natural talents and skills.

Here are some of the causes of depression that I have found:

  1. Emotion and feedback system

In order to understand depression it is wise to understand how emotions work. Depression is simply an emotional state which is giving you feedback that you are out of balance in your perceptions about life.


  1. Unexpressed:  

There is something in you that you are not allowing yourself to express. It can be a talent or a skill, an emotion or a thought.


  1. You are not aligned to your values

People that do not live according to their most important values in life tend to have the feelings of depression more than others.


  1. Trauma:
    If you have experienced something tragic in your life you may very likely develop depressive symptoms which is a natural response and part of a mourning process when there is loss or grief.


  1. Diet:
    Your gut is your 2nd If you eat sugar and load up on carbohydrates (bread, pasta, pastries etc) and you are sensitive to these (which most people are) you will experience feeling down or depressed. If you have not connected the cause and effect you might have chronic depression feelings from the food you eat and think there is something wrong with you.


  1. Isolation:
    You lack meaningful connections. As human beings we are social creatures which means we thrive when we have meaningful connections.  


  1. Self-love:
    You are not connected to yourself and you have shame and guilt in your life causing you to reduce the level of love for yourself. You may also not know yourself sufficiently.


  1. One sided life perceptions

When we see life as one sided and deny the ‘bad’ in ourselves, in others or in the world, it will causes us to feel depressed and develop feelings of separation and rejection. Carl Jung called this the shadow, those parts of ourselves that we deny and don’t like.


  1. Meaning

Not living a meaningful life can cause depression and move you toward addictive behaviour.




If you or anybody you know is suffering from depression, please know that there is a way out! There is a way to understand why it is there and there is a way to transform it.

You do not have to be a slave to depression or live with the symptoms.
You can live an emotionally free and liberated life.


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