Speak Your Truth

Speak Your Truth

One of the surest paths to create clarity, healing and harmony in your life is the expression of what is true.

You might think that the truth hurts, which might be true in the moment, however when you move past that moment, an opening is created in your field of consciousness that creates an opportunity for something new and more profound to occur.

The long term effects of not speaking the truth weigh heavy on your consciousness, cause distance to others and creates distrust, low rapport and a build-up of shame, guilt and resentment.


There is an effective way in doing it so that it doesn’t cause harm to others.

You don’t want to share your interpretation or your opinion or judgements about another. You want to share what is actually going on for you.


I was working with two ladies the other day in a dual coaching session who had exactly that issue.

They were not speaking up with respect to their partner and just accepting certain expectations because they had provided them in the past. Neither of them actually took the time to renegotiate these expectations with their partner. They just kept delivering even though they were building up resentment and distance.

“It’s better to keep quiet and keep the peace” she said.

Until I showed her the actual cost of keeping quiet to her and all the noise, un-clarity and distractions that was clouding her mind, decision making skills and her ability to function effectively at work.

Their old approach was not empowering them.

When I shared how this was creating distance and is a source for mischief in the long run, both their eyes teared up as they acknowledged that the quality of the relationship is not what they wanted.

Speaking your truth and sharing what is true is one of the surest ways to deeper connection and transformation of any stuck situation.

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