Start with where you are

Start with where you are


If you are not where you are,
you cannot move to where you want to be.

Since my late teens, one of the things I personally struggled with and
had to work on was a constant desire to be further ahead in life
>>to have more money, a better house, nicer car, more self-improved etc.

This resulted in a constant comparison to others
and an inner struggle switching between being “me” and being “not me”
as well as not knowing my place and feeling misguided.

Nothing wrong with desiring something more or different from life…
This is what keeps us growing, advancing, breaking barriers
and achieving the things we most want for our lives.

*The problem comes when our aspirations keep us
from being present and appreciating the beauty of the moment.

We take ourselves out of our bodies, avoiding the current situation
and desiring to be elsewhere.

From systemic coaching practices
I learned that one of the golden rules of life is
“to begin with where you are and with what you know
and let that grow.”

Begin with CERTAINTY.

Appreciate where you are and grow from there.

Take a moment and bring yourself back to the here and now
and fall in love with the moment.  



With love and freedom,


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