The Art of Creation

The Art of Creation

Have you ever wondered how CREATION happens?


There is a principle in creation that says
for creation to happen you need to bring order from chaos.

Otherwise you are either
maintaining (Comfort zone) or destroying (Disorder).

Imagine anything you wish to create in your life,
A meal. A relationship. A company. A product. A book.
A home. A family. A baby. A career. A profession.


You organise certain elements into a specific order
and you have the outcome.


We human beings desire to live inside ordered states of existence.

Therefore one foundational principle of creation is ORDER!

A great example of creation (and Order) is your body.
It is an ordered collective system and it is alive.


Creation is not a random act!
we possess the POWER to CREATE
and have the ability to access it.

To begin to practice this power,
start to create order in your life.
by getting organised and ordered.

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