The Code of Purpose

The Code of Purpose

The Code of Purpose is a model that I created
in order to support people to find and live
the life that is most authentic and most true for them.

I personally struggled through a number of false visions
and untrue ideals of who I wanted to be until, eventually
I found my place..

This talk is a synthesis of all the concepts and truths
that I have learned and integrated and that I use daily
to help people find and live the life they are meant to be living.


But first,

Why is knowing your code of purpose important?

Most of us live our life by reaction not by creation.
We are hungry for truth, connection, love
and to be seen for who we truly are.

If you do not know your life priorities, your inspirations,
your true capabilities and your ideal environments,
you will be left swaying between likes and dislikes,
emotional upswings and downswings,
misinterpretation of life’s challenges,
chasing options of perceived happiness
and you will meet with lower fulfilment in your life.


Life is not about being emotionally HAPPY.
It is about pursuing your highest and truest life priorities
towards a TELOS that brings you the greatest fulfilment
(That is TRUE happiness).

The Code of Purpose introduces you to the components
that are required to live that life.

And not only…

Most people cannot see their life purpose
or cannot surrender to their TRUE priorities due to:

  • Their beliefs are clouding the truth
  • Their genetic entanglements
  • Illusions of truth from outside influences
  • What others want from you
  • Fears: Fear of failure and fear of success
  • Indoctrination from authorities
  • Not knowing how to see and interpret their inspirations

Essentially people cannot surrender to their truth
because they allow other people’s opinions to influence them!

It is time to END the confusion.
It is time to END the lack of fulfilment.
It is time to begin the journey to EMBRACE who YOU TRULY ARE!


*One little secret
If you are living your purpose and everybody else around you is not is not,
the energy of purposeless and hopelessness fills the environment.
It is not pleasant!
I would love to have more people connecting,
knowing and living the life they are born to live.

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