The rhythm and pulse of nature

The rhythm and pulse of nature

Getting in touch with nature, as I have discovered, is one of the most energizing, uplifting and revitalizing tasks we can do for ourselves and our well-being.

That’s exactly what I do to rejuvenate my body and energy system. It also helps that I am an earth sign and I deeply long for a walk in nature, even better a lie down on a patch of dry grass where I get to soak up the sun’s rays and wash away the toxic debris I accumulate from the city pulse.
What happens as we engage with life in this world that is run by low grade electro-magnetic frequencies, radio-activity and toxic cellular rays our physical bodies and energy systems become weakened and polluted by unnatural and debilitating frequencies. This has the effect of lowering our immunity to disease and we become less effective in our daily lives.

I took time during my December vacation to reflect on the messages of great epic stories. The biggest message was that of getting in touch and in tune to the natural flow of life. To get connected once again with the pulse of nature and life. When we are connected we see more and hear more and we develop a deeper admiration and reverence for life, ourselves and each other. We are responsible for our contribution to the planet with every thought and action that we take or don’t take.

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