There is a process to Self Development

There is a process to Self Development

There is a Process to SELF-ACTUALISATION,
Personal development, expansion, growth… 


Most people won’t reach the potential that
they see in themselves
whether it is financial success,
relationship fulfilment, life satisfaction or personal joy.


When it comes to personal growth
and reaching your potential it requires a process.


I believe it always begins with acknowledging
where you are and how you feel and being truthful about it.
No matter how bad the feeling or situation is,
it needs to first be acknowledged.


Most people don’t want to see the truth.
They are blinded by their illusion of what is true
and what they should be doing with their lives.



The first step in the process is SELF-DESTRUCTION.
Many times referred to as death of the ego.
It involves you letting go of all the habits, personality traits,
beliefs, behaviours and characteristics
that represented you in the past but no longer serve you
or taking you where you want to go.


The next step is SELF-DISCOVERY
This is where you begin to know
who you really are and why you are truly here.


Then we step into SELF-CREATION!
You learn to create your life and become
a true Alchemist of your life.
This takes a deep understanding of how life works
and the willingness to accept responsibility for your life.


I have found it needs to be done in a specific sequence
otherwise you create on top of the wrong foundation
and another midlife crisis.

Like it or not, life will take you toward self-destruction
so that you can find renewal for the next stage of your life.


My message here is:
Don’t be afraid of the breakdown. Embrace it!


As we all enter a phase of breakdown in our lives,
having the right support will make it easier and
more manageable.

That is what I am here for.

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