There is magic in numbers

There is magic in numbers

Some people think it’s some kind of spooky methodology
but this method of self-analysis has been used in large organizations
to look at team dynamics and conflicts,
the right person to hire for a role
and I have used it to solve a number of
relationship challenges with couples I have counselled with.

Similar methods have also been used by ancient civilizations
to understand the potential of children so that they
can direct them to the right career based on
their natural skills and capabilities.

Almost everyone that I share a little about their birth numbers
say to me, with a breath of fresh air,
it’s the first time someone has understood me in that way
and I don’t need to be other than who I am anymore.

This is about you understanding
a little more about yourself and your natural tendencies.

It is about empowering you to make the
right choices that fit in with your birth identity.

There is magic in numbers!

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