Trust your doubts

Trust your doubts

Did anyone every tell you to TRUST your doubts?

Most people say that you need to think positively
and only think of positive thoughts.
Don’t doubt yourself, only be certain.
Don’t think bad, only good.
And so on…

I like to take a different approach.

Certainty is one of the pillars of knowing yourself.
Yet, how will you be certain if you don’t have doubts?

Doubt is actually saying to you that you are not on track.
It is saying that some of the decisions you are making
are not 100% aligned and congruent with where you truly want to go.

So trust your doubts in order to get to certainty.
Listen to when there is doubt rather than trying to push it away or ignore it.

It is a way to listen to your inner guidance system
telling you when you are not on track so that you can
do what is needed to get back on track.

Trust when there is doubt
and use it to help you get to certainty.

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