What doesn’t feel good might be good for you

What doesn’t feel good might be good for you

Last weekend I facilitated the very powerful
Self-Awareness Coaching Process for 8 wonderful human beings
for the first time in Cyprus.

It was a deeply touching and moving experience for me
and I was in tears for the first 10 minutes of the training.


When I first started delivering these trainings back in 2011,
I wanted to bring it back home to Cyprus,
just as this work brought me home to find myself.

And so I did!
Promise, intention, desire Fulfilled!

“WOWWWW what a ride hey…. Matheo I would like to honor you and your dedicated patience and all the love you bestowed on all of us during the 3 days.  I am blessed and privileged to be under your guidance and learning from you, I feel like the pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together gracefully.”


One concept I shared during the training is the power of
deliberately choosing experiences that DON’T FEEL GOOD

We are always looking for feel good experiences that might
not necessarily be good for us.

Eating that extra slice of cake might feel good,
but is it good for you?

Not saying the truth might feel good,
but is it good for you?


With this writing I would like to invite you to take
a look at your life and identify areas that
are not working as you would like.

Areas that are stuck, not fulfilled or simply not working.

Then have a look whether there is anything that
you would need to do, that might not necessarily feel good

Embrace your fear, and act!

Say that thing you have been holding on to.
Start that new career.
Say NO when you mean NO.
Hold somebody accountable to their promises.
Share your heart with those you have wanted to share.
Show your vulnerable side,
even if people think you are always strong.
Start that new dance class or sport program,
even if you are shy.
Take time out for yourself,
even though others will judge you.
Tell the truth even though it’s uncomfortable.

The rewards will speak for themselves
and you will take the first steps toward you
inner freedom and liberation.


“I want to say another huge thank you to you for all that you did and all that you taught me over the weekend.  I am immersed in a very weird stillness at the moment and really can’t find words to describe what I am feeling.  Anything I say would be doing the experience a disservice… “

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