Your beliefs guide your life

Your beliefs guide your life

I am back from an intense trip to Hamburg where
I was working on some of my own deep seated beliefs
and supporting others with theirs using a very powerful
process which I will share more about later.

I say it often that the problem on the surface is not the problem.

When we take the time to dig a little deeper
we discover that the issue we have on the outside
is likely caused by a deep seated belief.

You will find that other people’s behaviours, life circumstances,
your indecisiveness, procrastination, uncertainty etc
may originate from beliefs you store on a cellular level.

I discovered a personal belief statement: “I feel helpless”
This belief was created when I was just 1 year old.

The effect it had on my life until now..

I did not set healthy boundaries with others and allowed
others to take advantage of me.
This caused an additional need to attempt to control
my environment in order to feel safe.

This belief caused constant stress in my head
and I couldn’t really relax as I was under constant tension.

We turned this belief around.
After a huge sense of relief that this behaviour
was caused by a belief, I can now relax.
This allowed me to spend more time
in the moment over the last couple of days
and stressing less about my surroundings.

Also feeling more present with myself
with additional benefits of higher levels of light quotient.


Like it or not, our beliefs influence our
behaviours, decisions and actions,
and I would like to help you resolve some beliefs
so that they don’t run your life anymore.

I use many different processes,
and for beliefs,
I have not yet found a coaching process as powerful
as the one.

The coaching process is facilitated by me in small private group setting
where you go through a process to discover core beliefs
running your life (your behaviours, decisions and actions).

If you are serious about moving forward with your life
without the baggage that constantly
holds you back and limits you,
I highly recommend to prioritise the time for yourself!

This is a powerful coaching process and I am sure
that you will say thank you after participating.

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