Your Innate Intelligence

Your Innate Intelligence

We are in a new decade 😉

As with any new year I like to set intentions for
my year and update my life vision and mission as
far as I can see and connect to at this time.

The ONE THING that always supports me is
to be true and congruent with my Innate Wisdom,
my Inner Source.

In order to support you to set clear, congruent and True
objectives for your year and your life, I would like
to share something about Your Innate Intelligence.

When you are connected to your essence, your soul,
your Authentic Self
you have certainty for your life, you act with confidence
and you believe in yourself.

When you are not connected to yourself,
you do not have full access to your inner guidance system.

Luckily we have been given ‘tools’ to give us feedback so that
we can get back into alignment with our innate intelligence.

Those tools come in the form of Personal feedback Mechanisms
1) Your Body (Biology, Physiology)
2) Your Emotions (physiology, psychology)
3) Your Thoughts (psychology)

When you don’t pay attention to your personal feedback
mechanisms you receive feedback from impersonal feedback systems
through your direct environment (Ecology):

1) Your Family System (Familiology)
2) Your Societal System (Sociology)
3) Planetary, Galactic Universal Systems (Astrology, Cosmology)

The further away you get from connection to your core,
the more you will depend on outside advice, outside guidance
and outside information to guide your life.

That makes you dependent and you remain under the Authority of
systems that are greater and more ordered than you.

(Don’t complain or fight against these systems like I did
– say thank you to these systems for keeping you on track
and supporting you to move toward your truth.)

In order to step into greater levels of Authority over your life,
and the ability to lead your life,
You would need to move away from dependency on the outside
toward trusting yourself and your inner guidance system.

Connecting you to your innate intelligence is a journey of coming home
to your essence, your soul, your light.

If you would ask me what I do and how I work with people,

At the highest level I support you to come back home to your truth,
eradicate all nonsense and false influences of the outside world,
access your own inner guidance system
so you can direct your own life and do what you were born to do.


All the best for this year
and the steps you will take toward your journey home.

In order to get support on your personal development journey,
get in touch with me to discuss a personalised Know Yourself And Transform Yourself Process.

Read this article on the process to Self Development for more information 


Ps: Don’t get trapped in la cucaracha games ;>
They keep you going round and round in circles going nowhere.
Stay true to your path and your Chief Aim.


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