7 steps to reshape & reap the rewards of exceptional living.

First Step


The facts. They’re important and we need them to know what the deal is. Together we plan the future through practical goals and objectives.

You’ll learn about our time­-tested, results­-driven method for reshaping. Then it’s about you, opening up dialogue around what your unique situation is and what the facts are. We do this with a questionnaire and chat session. It’s an essential step before the Layering Phase begins.

Second Step


What’s working and what’s not. By stripping away the layers we start to uncover our focus areas.

How it works

Your past. Is it causing chaos in the present? Are you battling with the system at work? This is just one of the touch points of the Layering Phase. Working together, we peel away the layers, uncovering behaviour patterns that no work, any emotional stress, and where your resistance lies.

Why have you been hanging onto these habits? We’ll figure that out too.

We believe in practical, hands-­on solutions, so we set objectives for each session. Then there’s work to be done. At the end of this phase you’ll get some homework, which consists of a series of questions to uncover possible victim acts that are unconsciously taking space in your psychology.

Third Step


Terminate the toxic. Old habits are dying to be laid to rest. We get rid of obstacles that are causing you or your organization to stay in the ‘stuck position’.

How it works

It’s time to cut the chord. This is the tough part.

We help you to see where you may be acting unconsciously, and why this is affecting your outer reality. By using the Family Constellation Tool, we help you to see where you fit in and how your genetic heritage may be impacting your life negatively. This includes family systems, social systems and organizational systems.

Fourth Step


To stay on the fast track we need to make sure we’re on the right track. Touch base on our objectives and align again.

How it works

It’s important to check-­in, regroup and align. At this point we give you a thorough summary of what we’ve layered so far and where we’re at. By seeing the whole picture, we can assess if we need to relook any of our findings, whilst having a clear vision for reshaping the future.

Fifth Step


You. It’s all about YOU. We find priority areas and connect you with change habits that suit your situation and unlock your power potential.

How it works

We uncover what inspires you and begin to shape your future around it. This process relies on understanding your core values and what your priority areas are. We take these and align them with actions that will help you reap rewards.

Side note: Our priorities are organic and change throughout our lives, which makes it essential to reassess yourself at regular intervals and stages. What was important a year ago is most likely not important now.

Sixth Step


Engineering your future. We put together a plan for everyday use, step by step. Because if it’s not practical, it’s not going to happen.

How it works

We begin crafting your future and putting change into action. We develop a practical plan with clear ways on how to build it into your life. We take learnings around your priorities from the Connect Phase, which we incorporate and use to help you get where you want to be, so that your core values align with your outer reality.

Seventh Step


Are we done? No. We don’t leave you hanging. We check-­in, support you and encourage you so you can thrive in everyday stress and modern­-day madness.

How it works

We know the drill. Old habits die hard and often people resort back to behavior that doesn’t serve them. Support is the key to lasting change. To ensure your success, we offer you guidelines on how to reach your objectives and handle challenges. We look at the key aspects of getting into action and provide you with templates to track your progress and self-assess.