Children and behaviour

Children and behaviour

Think of this…

If you are told NOT to do something that is IMPORTANT for you how do you feel?

If you enjoy a particular hobby and you are prevented from doing it.
If you are good in a particular skill and you are not allowed to use it.
If you are naturally an expressive personality and you are told not to speak up or express yourself.
If you love an activity and are not allowed to do it?

Think of the important things, dreams and ambitions in your life
that you have let go, forgotten or neglected.

How do you feel having left those behind?

One aspect of my work is to help people reclaim
those lost parts of themselves that they have buried away.

You might be doing the same to your children.

Don’t behave like this.
Don’t express that.
It’s not appropriate for that and so on…

Just like you did,

Your children have things in their life that are most important for them.

They have natural abilities and skills
that are encoded in their DNA and
their heart YEARNS to accomplish!

Naturally, this is what they are here for!
Just as you are.

To express your natural capabilities
and SERVE the world with them.

When you say: “don’t do that, do what I want you to do”
then you might be shutting down what is truly important to them
and in the process shutting down their potential.

The result is that it puts them into

internal conflict,
and low energy.

Essentially causing

low self-worth,
and lethargy for living.

In essence they believe they should be doing
or being something other than who they are.

The result is
they seek fulfilment in addictions and addictive behaviours
to compensate the suppressions of who they are.

The solution:

You need to understand their internal code of purpose.
What are their values?
What is important to them?

Punishment and reward systems
are the most primitive levels of communication.

we do not learn empowering communication skills
and we are preventing the next generation of leaders
to actually take command and create the future of their greatest potential.

Understanding needs, desires and values
and communicating fair exchange
are more advanced levels of communication
which we need to learn to embrace and use.


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