Forgivness vs Understanding

Forgivness vs Understanding

We often are told that forgiveness is the best approach for healing.
I have seen far too often that people find it difficult to forgive.

For that reason I like to take the approach of “Understanding”.
When you understand, you have stepped into
a person’s shoes and seen their perspective completely.

You are given a new perspective on the event.

It may not make their action or inaction acceptable
but it gives you the perspective you need to
liberate yourself from the bondage of their behaviour.

This approach can leave you truly free,
dissolve hatred and resentment
and allow you to move on with your life.

When we carry resentment,
we tend to attract the same circumstances or events
in our lives

So, it is best to find ways to liberate ourselves
from the past and learn to CREATE a new future
instead of a recycled future.


Many blessings on your journey…



With love and freedom,


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