How to be the Perfect Parent

How to be the Perfect Parent

Do you try to be the perfect parent?
(perfect partner, perfect child, perfect human?)

On Saturday I facilitated a beautiful day of
Family Constellation processes with a group of 8
wonderful people here in Belgium.

The theme that emerged from the processes was “parenting”
and specifically “mother and daughter relationships”.

I usually capture a number of key learnings and perspectives
from these group therapy processes because they are
usually relevant to all of us by the nature of how
they are revealed in the ‘morphogenic field’ I work in.

This one was certainly no exception and it was indeed a
deep and powerful day.

As much as many parents try to be ‘the perfect parent’,
it is not possible.

The best you can do for your child is to be PRESENT!
If you give too much, your child may feel suffocated.
if you give too little and are too distant your child
may becoming needy, clingy and even lose trust in you
as the parent.

In one session there was a loss of trust by the child
because the parent was trying to ‘see’ and ‘be with’
the child from a concept of the ‘perfect parent’ instead of
from their truth.

The moment I asked the parent to get present and
acknowledge their unacknowledged feelings
the lady said the sentence “I see you”
and the child felt completely seen!

All the past disconnection and fear disappeared.

The past was literally forgiven as the child felt seen.

Get into your body, get present
and from that space connect and communicate with the
people around you.

The depth of connection, rapport and trust will be
magnified and the quality of your relationships will flourish!

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