The Corona Virus – some facts and perspective

The Corona Virus – some facts and perspective

Due to the increased media exposure to the Corona Virus, I want to put together a resource of information where you receive some real facts and a more balanced perspective so as to balance out and reduce the fear and pandemonium going on out there.

Fear, concern, and panic is not helping the problem.



(Public post 4 March)


My friends,

There is a lot of speculation and fear-mongering in the media about the
coronavirus and I wanted to shed some light on it so that we can have
a more balanced approach to it.

Important: this is not medical advice. It is my view.
Consult with your healthcare practitioner for direct advice.


  • You can get accurate and up to date statistics on the coronavirus
    on this page:
  • Should You be concerned:
    • I would say be cautious, not concerned.
    • If you keep your immune system strong and take some
      precautions when traveling you should be fine.
    • See the facts below as to who has been effected by the virus.
    • Some statistics show that more people die from common rhinovirus
      (the annual flu) than the corona virus.
  • Some facts:
    • 92000+ cases, 3137 deaths (6% of closed cases), 48000 recovered from it (94% of closed cases).
    • 2945 (93.8%) deaths were in china
    • Majority of deaths were people above 70 years old. If you’re under 60 you have a 0.2% to 1.3% chance of dying by being effected with this virus.
    • Most countries have between 1 and 50 cases. China have 80000 (87%) cases. 89710 (97%) cases if you include South Korea, Iran and Italy.
    • Incubation period averages between 2 and 14 days and most people infected have survived. Common cold is at 7 days and most people survive it.
  • The odds of survival are in your favour. First by not catching it (a number of people have not been infected by the virus), second by having a strong immune system to combat it, third with medical measures in place, if you do catch it there is a 94% chance you will recover from it.
  • The good thing is that the media, governments and hospitals are raising awareness and also putting in measures in order to keep it from becoming a destructive epidemic.
  • Don’t panic or buy into the fear. Keep building your immune system by eating healthy, getting good rest and avoiding junk food and excess stress. (if you are not eating healthy then talk to me J). And most importantly don’t buy into the fear mongering. Your immune system breaks down just by being in a state of fear.


Valuable information from Dr Eric Berg



Dr Demartini’s View on the Virus


My comments (11 March 2020): 

Valuable message about the #coronavirus from Dr John Demartini.
Affirms what I shared last week.
– Don’t panic: It creates a stress response and weakens your immune system.
– Increase immune system building activities: Natural healthy foods, avoid processed food and sugar.
– Keep focused on something purposeful and inspiring.
– Stay away from the sensational media

ps: immune system boosting activities include:
– increase zinc intake (15 – 30 mg 3 x a day)
– Take raw garlic to fight pathogens
– Get fresh air and do some deep breathing exercise
– Get out into nature and breathe #breathyourbiome
– Take cold water showers to boost your immune system #wimhoffmethod
– Stay connected with loved ones and foster caring relationships

Love yourself 
Matheos Galatis


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What do you FOCUS on?☝🏼 With so much chaos being presented in the media and so many people reacting to the chaos, thus exacerbating it, those that are able to provide focus and bring order to the chaos will rise above it. When you are absorbed by the apparent chaos you are influenced by it.💪🏼 In order to INFLUENCE the chaos you need to bring order. You bring order by focusing on the outcome you want rather than the reactive circumstance. This is a life principle I learnt some time ago and it works for all areas of life. The more clarity and certainty you have the greater your ability to influence outcomes. In this time of apparent chaos in the world with viruses, illnesses, epidemics, financial collapses and so on, I suggest #keepcalm, get present, get centred and focus on the outcome you wish to have. To be absolutely on top of your game there is some inner work required so that you can be stable,strong and balanced mentally and emotionally. No need to contribute to the chaos – please don't do that. 🤫 Contribute to the solution. Get present. Get clear. Focus on something inspiring. I'm writing my book and working on a podcast for you. What are you doing? . . . . . #coronavírus #immunity #biohack #covid #covid2019 #covid_19 #knowyourself #matheogalatis #flu #fluremedy #limassolcyprus #confusion #epidemic #pandemic

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Profound reflection of the psychologist Morelli. To read.

“I believe that the cosmos has its way of balancing things and its laws when they are turned upside down.
The moment we are experiencing, full of anomalies and paradoxes, makes you think …
At a time when the climate change caused by environmental disasters has reached worrying levels, China in the first place and many countries to follow, are forced to blockade; the economy collapses, but pollution drops considerably. The air improves; you use the mask, but you breathe …

In a historical moment in which certain discriminatory ideologies and policies, with strong references to a petty past, are reactivating all over the world, a virus arrives that makes us experience that, in a moment, we can become the discriminated, the segregated, those stuck at the border, those who carry disease. Even if we are not to blame. Even if we are white, western and we travel in business class.

In a society based on productivity and consumption, in which we all run 14 hours a day, we don’t know exactly what, without Saturdays or Sundays, without more reds than the calendar, at any moment, the stop comes.
Stop at home, days and days. To deal with a time of which we have lost value, if it is not measurable in compensation, in money.
Do we still know what to do with it?

In a phase in which the growth of their children is, necessarily, often delegated to other figures and institutions, the virus closes the schools and forces them to find alternative solutions, to put moms and dads together with their children. It forces us to rebuild family.

In a dimension in which relationships, communication and sociality are played mainly in the “non-space” of the virtual, of the social network, giving us the illusion of closeness, the virus takes away the true one of closeness, the real one: that nobody touch each other, no kisses, no hugs, at a distance, in the cold of non-contact.
How much have we taken these gestures and their meaning for granted?

In a social phase in which thinking about one’s garden has become the rule, the virus sends us a clear message: the only way out is reciprocity, the sense of belonging, the community, the feeling of being part of something more great to take care of and that you can take care of us. The shared responsibility, the feeling that the fate depends not only on yours but also on everyone around you. And that you depend on them.

So if we stop hunting witches, wondering who is to blame or why all this has happened, but we wonder what we can learn from this, I think we all have a lot to think about and commit to.
Because with the cosmos and its laws, obviously, we are in deep debt.
The virus is explaining it to us, at a high price. ”

(Cit. F. MORELLI) via Mauro Porcini )



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