The hidden rules of life

The hidden rules of life

There are hidden rules behind the scenes of your life that influence your thinking, your decisions and the outcomes in your life.
They affect the interplay among us.

When you are unaware of these rules they will affect you. You think its fate or good/bad luck happening in your life.
By understanding these rules and how they affect you, you begin to have the power to design your life.

The alchemists called it transforming lead into gold.
The starting point is to know who you are and to know how life’s hidden rules operate and how they affect you.

#knowyourself first.

In my upcoming talk, Know Yourself,

I will introduce to you some of the hidden rules that operate your mind, body and emotions.

I will share how we are affected by other peoples thinking, genetic patterns from our family, societies collective mind and more…

Begin to know yourself and you will be empowered.

Know how life works you have leverage. Be able to transform lead into gold you become a true creator.

There is a process to self-actualisation, read about it here.


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