Who am I?

Who am I?

Did you ever question who you are?

You are the sum total of the thoughts, beliefs,
opinions and memories of your past,
also known as your identity.

By the age of 7, 80% of your Identity
(who you identify yourself as)
has already been created.
This is before you even had the awareness
to decide who you wish to be in your life.

This identity might not necessarily be
the person who you choose to be.

Although you didn’t choose your life circumstances
They were designed to support you to be the YOU,
you truly desire to be.
Your ultimate potential on this planet.

Most people don’t see that because they have
not been able to reconcile the circumstances
of the past with who they wish themselves to be
and still live with the effects of the past guiding their life.

There is a way to identify who that YOU is.
I call this the Code of Purpose.
It is a recognisable pattern of elements
as well as a moving target.


in order to SEE your code,
it is wise to remove what is not you
(your past identity)
in order to enable you to see


As we enter the Orthodox Easter week,
I want you to know that it is also very much about
YOUR renewal (recreating your identity from past to present)
as it is about the honouring and celebrating of religious practices.

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