Why we feel pain when change happens

Why we feel pain when change happens


Why do we feel pain, confusion and upset when change happens in our life?

The reason is that when we move from an ‘old form’ to a ‘new form’
something old has to die in order for something new to exist.

Two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

The ‘old you’ (old patterns and behaviours)
is what you are comfortable with and what you can relate to.
The ‘new YOU’ – the REAL YOU that is emerging
needs space to come out.
The ‘old you’ does not really want to make space because that
means it would need to die and this is that part of you that you know
and that has served you and looked after you up until now.
It is familiar.

This is known as the ‘death of the ego’.
Those aspects of yourself that don’t work for you any longer.

To allow space for the ‘NEW YOU’ to emerge it is important to seek out
and SEE the reason and benefits for the change and the costs of not changing.
Then you will welcome the NEW YOU to emerge!

This happens with the correct awareness
and letting go of what is not TRUE and REAL any longer.

Moving from one form to another.


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